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Summer charters in Scandinavia and the Baltic region offers an exciting and culturally rich alternative to the warm climates of the Mediterranean.

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe made up of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The Baltic Sea, an inland European sea, is the largest saline sea in the world, covering an area of 413,000 km² and bordering Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Breathtaking views, crystal clear waters and 20 hours of sunshine a day during the summer months make the Scandinavian region an increasingly popular charter destination for those looking for an interesting alternative to the Mediterranean.

The geographical location of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea makes this region very versatile. The coast, lined with skerries and dotted with fjords and lagoons create a fascinating environment best enjoyed from the water.

Admire the timeless masterpieces of art in the palaces of St. Petersburg, study the reconstruction of the Swedish warship Vasa at the museum dedicated to it in Stockholm, visit the famous Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen, see the beautiful city square in Tallinn and, of course, enjoy a stay on a beautiful yacht.

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