Свяжитесь с нами

Доставляем яхты счастливым клиентам с 1994 года.


Day 1 – Palermo

Buongiorno Sicilia! Arrival in the capital of the largest island in the Mediterranean. Sicily, with its fascinating history of Greek colonial, Roman province, Arab emirate and Norman kingdom roots will reveal its beauty to you for the next 7 days.
Settle in on your yacht and enjoy refreshments presented to you by the crew. Time to start exploring Palermo, Sicily’s capital and the largest city on the island. Visit the town’s famous sites, such as the Piazza Bellini, the Cathedral and the Arab-Norman Chapel in the Royal Palace. There is time to enjoy a trip up to Monreale with its spectacular view over the valley outside Palermo.
Head back down to the city and take a stroll through the streets for a little afternoon shopping, before you return back to the yacht. This evening is entirely up to your liking. Whether you stay on board and enjoy sundowner cocktails on the aft deck followed by a delicious dinner prepared by the chef or you spend the evening ashore for a tasty dinner in one of Palermo’s finest restaurants, on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea.


Day 2 – Palermo to Ustica

With an early breakfast on deck, lift anchor and sail towards the little volcanic island of Ustica, about 3.3 square miles in size.
This tiny gem is still untouched by tourism and offers you a day of pure leisure and relaxation. The island’s superb seabed, a protected natural marine reserve, will leave you speechless, as you sail along the coast.
Stop at the many grottos on the way for a swim and a relaxing sunbath, before you anchor off the small town with its picturesque houses, charming restaurants and cafes.
Do not miss a visit to the interesting underwater archaeological museum. Lunch ashore to savour the local cuisine.
For the afternoon well-spent, the area around Ustica is recommended to scuba divers and snorkelers with some significant highlights to explore such as the rainbow-colored sponges at Grotta dei Gamberi, as well as the archaeological relics at Punta Gavazzi. After a day full of interesting discoveries, relax with dinner on deck while heading towards your next destination – the Aeolian Islands.
Distance to travel 37 nm


Day 3 – Ustica to Aeolian Islands

Early breakfast with view on the fascinating coasts of the Aeolian Islands where you will find a vast range of unusual landscapes – from Volcanoes to quiet, sandy beaches of Salina up to the cliff-top meadows of Lipari.
Time for a swim and to sample a day of ‘dolce far niente’ – the sweetness of doing nothing. Enjoy time on board, with the many water toys and delicious refreshments served to you on the sundeck.
After lunch, head on to Panarea, the smallest island within this archipelago, and the source of natural springs where you can enjoy a soothing mud bath to your liking.

If you choose to join in some diving expeditions in the island’s famous diving spots, you best have the crew arrange it for you with the well-known diving centre La Gorgonia in Lipari.
To perfectly end this beautiful day, sail over to the island of Stromboli, also known as ‘The Black Giant’, one of the few still active volcanoes in the world, and take a moment of silent admiration for this unforgettable view. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the volcanic eruptions lighting up the firmament. Anchor off overnight near one of these enchanting islands.
Distance to travel 85 nm


Day 4 – Aeolian Islands

Wake up to the ever beautiful view of the Aeolian Islands and enjoy your fresh breakfast on deck while you head off for a day cruising the secluded island gems.
Spend your time relaxing and sun bathing or for those who prefer to dive beneath the water’s surface, scuba diving opportunities are numerous and inviting. Drop anchor at an isolated bay near Lipari for a lunch on board, before you continue the afternoon with water sports, fishing or snorkeling.
For the restless adventurers among you, take the tender ashore and head out to explore the island of Lipari with its narrow and charming streets.
Sundowners will be served on board after yet another memorable day full of excitement and beauty. Dinner at anchor off Lipari before you set sail in the early morning towards your next destination – Portorosa.


Day 5 – Aeolian Islands to Portorosa

Early breakfast and the joy of lifting anchor, knowing that you are on your way to the next stop – back to the Sicilian coast, to the well-known Marina di Portorosa.
Spend the day discovering the well-developed place with its inviting beach surrounded by lots of greenery, its shopping centre and fashionable tourist areas. Take a break in one of the local restaurants for lunch with a glass of Sicilian wine, before you continue your tour of the surrounding areas. Several excursions to the countryside start from here and can be arranged according to your liking. fishing trips are an immensely popular choice  for visitors to discover the area.
Head back in the late afternoon, for cocktails in the Marina following by your choice of dinner onboard or in one of the beautiful waterfront restaurants.
Distance to travel 22 nm


Day 6 – Portorosa to Taormina

Breakfast on deck while you lift anchor in Portorosa early in the morning for a beautiful cruise around Sicily’s northeast coast towards Taormina, a city that is built on the cliffs high above the spectacular East coast of the island. Drop anchor in the bay of Taormina and have the tender take you ashore for your day trip to the picturesque town which was built on terraces flowing down to the sea.
Take a walk over cobblestone piazzas, elegant shops and charming cafes while you make your way to the Greek theatre. The spectacular theatre was built in a beautiful setting with the volcano Mount Etna prominent in the background.
Stroll along Taormina’s central street with its excellent shopping possibilities and stop for lunch in a remote back alley restaurant with breathtaking views from its terrace and its authentic Sicilian cuisine. If you are the adventurous type and the spectacular view from afar is not sufficient, you have the possibility of taking an excursion to Mount Etna.
In the charming Taormina, end the evening with a delicious dinner before you head back down the cascading terraces leading to the coast and back to your yacht.
Distance to travel 62 nm


Day 7 – Taormina to Messina/Catania

Early morning breakfast and head out towards the port of Messina, a historically important place whose harbour has seen many navigators being challenged since the early Greek heroic sagas. The Strait of Messina offers you to spend the day out fishing and having the chef prepare your catch onboard – as fresh as it gets!
Anchor off Torre Faro, a small fishing village with a typical lighthouse overlooking the bay. You can either spend a relaxing time sunbathing on deck or continue your quest for rare fish taking the tender out.
According to your departure the next day, you might want to consider setting off towards Siracusa. This well-constructed marina allows you to disembark hassle-free and join your airport transfer that takes you about 45 minutes.
Dinner on board the yacht with an evening of reminiscence and memories of a fascinating Sicily discovery, rounded up with a delicious dinner and drinks on deck, prepared by your chef and served by your crew. We hope you enjoyed your stay onboard!
Distance to travel 25 nm


Day 8 – Disembarkation

Transfer to the airport. We hope you enjoyed your stay on board.