All yachts must be comprehensively insured to travel freely and be accepted in ports worldwide.


As a high value asset, operating in a potentially hazardous environment, all luxury yachts should be comprehensively insured. There are several key policies required that West Nautical will be happy to arrange for your yacht.

Each yacht’s insurance arrangements are specific to the vessel. The premium will depend on the waters the yacht is sailing in, the size of the yacht, how often the yacht is being used and much more. West Nautical offer a bespoke service that guarantees a policy that’s tailored for you.


Hull & Machinery

A Hull & Machinery policy covers the yacht itself and its machinery in the event of an accident. Generally, yachts are insured on an ‘all-risks’ basis, which covers all perceivable eventualities. The Hull & Machinery policy is the yacht’s main insurance against physical damage.

Increased Value

Increased Value insurance is cover against a total loss of the vessel which ensures it will be possible to cover the cost of a replacement vessel in the event that this is not met in its entirety by the Hull & Machinery policy.

Liability Coverage

All yachts should carry a third-party liability policy in addition to the above policy. This generally covers guests, professional crew and other third parties.

Protection & Indemnity

Protection & Indemnity insurance, commonly known as ‘P&I’ covers third party liabilities and expenses arising from owning and operating a yacht. Risks covered include cargo, collision and damage to or loss of property.


Personal Accident Coverage

In 2016, West Nautical launched a bespoke Crew Welfare Insurance policy underwritten by Lloyds of London in partnership with ZIS Ltd to be a very comprehensive policy including personal accident, weekly benefit payments, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, crew replacement costs and travel insurance.

The policy, which meets all Maritime Labour Convention requirements, operates 24 hours a day, whether the crew are onboard or on vacation. The limits of each area of cover are fully adjustable, giving crew and Owners total flexibility, whilst importantly giving them options to adjust the level of cover to their specific requirements.

Each crew member will also be issued a West Nautical emergency medical card, linked directly with CEGA Assistance. CEGA is a leading medical emergency assistance company; giving crew peace of mind that wherever they are travelling they have direct access to a medical assistance network they can trust, giving reliable advice, and appropriate facility information based on the severity of the situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CEGA will be on hand to assist with any medical questions, whether an emergency situation or help with arranging a medical appointment. They will also provide recommendations of the best, most appropriate facilities and payment guarantees at hospitals.

The cover has been developed over several years based on our experience of the industry and specifically with yacht crew in mind whether at work or on holiday.

The cover has even been extended to include routine dental and popular social activities such as winter sports and kite surfing as standard and, uniquely, a Personal Effects cover also for any lost or stolen property, including electronics such as phones and laptops etc.

With a low excess on the policy, making a claim is extremely easy. For claims up to EUR 1,000 no claim forms are required, just an email explanation of the incident and a photo of the relevant receipts. Payment is then guaranteed to be made swiftly and efficiently back to either the yacht or the crew member directly dependent on the request of the Owner / Captain.

West Nautical are very excited to offer this unique Crew Welfare cover and for a no obligation quote please contact us directly on management@westnautical.com


Marine Insurance Terms

  •  Agreed Valuation – The value of the vessel agreed between the owner and insurer at the inception of the policy;
  • All Risks – The broadest form of insurance coverage available, providing protection against all perils of physical loss or damage from an external cause;
  • Charterers Legal Liability – Responsibility of the charterer to the vessel owner and sometimes to the cargo owner or a third party for damages to vessel cargo or other persons property;
  • Lloyds Register – An alphabetical listing of vessels including their specification and other information valuable to shipping and marine insurance industries;
  • Valuation Clause – The clause in the marine policy that contains a consistent basis of valuation agreed upon by the Assured and in the insurance company and which establishes the insured value of the vessel;
  • Navigational Limits – An insurance policy may specify the waters in which a yacht can or cannot be operated;
  • Operators – People who will be operating the boat. Qualifications, experience, and more can determine premiums.