Уникальное программное обеспечение

Shortly after West Nautical established its UK Yacht Management office, we approached a software engineer with the view to developing a bespoke online yacht management platform.

Paperless, cloud-based, and accessible from any device; this new system would provide a safe and secure portal for every yacht’s ISM/ ISPS/MLC requirements.

Now in its 3rd version, West Nautical’s Horizon platform has evolved and improved based on input from Captains, crew and the shore based West Nautical management team.

Behind the scenes, Horizon is built on and operates on a customised platform giving stable, ‘real-time’ online access, with any browser, on any operating system; MAC, PC, Phone or Tablet etc. The system will also operate via a yachts onboard server at low bandwidth, when using a satellite connection offshore for example. The synchronization of records takes place automatically at a pre-determined time, when internet usage is minimal, or upon the click of a button by a user with administrative access.

Maintenance and support of the system is provided by a dedicated technician, along with email and telephone support always being available from West Nautical’s Yacht Managers, who facilitate day to day management and onboard training when required.


Horizon allows for complete management of the vessel with seamless integration of records and documents onboard and ashore.

Some of the features of Horizon include:

  • Facilities to digitise any document or drawing as well as ‘one touch’ PDF creation;
  • Maintain and monitor crew and vessel certificates;
  • Record and monitor hours of work and rest;
  • Crew and guest list reporting;
  • Online versions of safety management system documents;
  • Digital checklists and procedures;
  • Embedded application to facilitate easy generation of risk assessments;
  • Comprehensive safety data sheet database;
  • Permits to work;
  • Drill monitoring and reporting;
  • Non-conformity and defect monitoring and reporting;
  • Add on modules for maintenance monitoring and accounting.