Choosing to commission a yacht gives you complete freedom and makes a very personal statement on the water.

West Nautical rises to the most ambitious of design challenges, working with the world’s foremost yacht designers to bring your dream to fruition.


Choosing a yacht designer is a big decision. Many serial yacht owners form a long term working relationship with their favoured designer, resulting in several yachts that echo their ambition and reflect their tastes from bow to stern.


The type of yacht you are looking for is likely to dictate the designer that you work with. Some specialise in heavy displacement yachts, built to go anywhere, whilst others focus on more sporty designs, perfect for the French Riviera. The yachts’ exterior and interior designers may differ, with large designing companies have individual specialists in these departments, and their technology and concept presentation platforms may differ to their rivals with regards to the use of 3D modelling, mood boards, cabin mock ups and hand drawn sketches.


The West Nautical team will guide you through the process and help you to choose the best fit for you. We have worked with many of the most accomplished design houses in the world during new construction and refit projects in Northern and Southern Europe, and we know who to ask depending on your tastes and needs.


The design of a completely bespoke yacht brings together an enormous range of professionals, working with us and the owner to build something truly unique. The West Nautical team are here to help make the process a pleasure, starting with the right designer to put your vision to paper.