Lauren L

Cassens Werft Germany

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Lauren L

Cassens Werft Germany | 90m | 2002 | 40

Lauren L, построенная в 2002 году немецкой верфью Cassens-Werft, представляет собой невероятно роскошную и просторную яхту с сервисом высшего уровня.

Впечатляющая 90-метровая Lauren L предлагает гостям мастер-каюту, VIP-каюту, 18 двуспальных кают и 10 твин-кают – разместиться на яхте смогут до 40 человек. Во время корпоративных мероприятий или дружеских вечеринок Lauren L может принять до 150 человек.

Корпус яхты выполнен из стали, а надстройка из алюминия. Lauren L оснащена ультрасовременной системой стабилизации качки, что позволяет гостям чувствовать себя комфортно во время путешествий.

Экипаж Lauren L обладает богатым опытом и сделает всё, чтобы вы и ваши гости с наслаждением провели время на борту одной из самых больших чартерных яхт в мире.

Яхта располагает невероятно большим количеством водных игрушек и снаряжения для занятий водным спортом.


Nautica Catamaran Tenders — Lauren L has two 7.2m catamaran RIB tenders with beach landing capabilities. Each tender has a drop-down bow door for easy walk-on/walk-off access. They are equipped with 300hp Yamaha outboard engines making them perfect for towing sports, excursions and guest transfers to the beach and beyond.




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Основные характеристики

Верфь :

Cassens Werft Germany

Размеры :

90m x 10m

Год :


Год рефита:


Максимальная скорость :

15.5 Knots

Круизная скорость :

12.5 Knots

Навигация и связь

Shore power inlet :





Кол-во кают :


Кол-во спальных мест :


Экипаж :


Машинное оборудование

Двигатели :

Mak hp

Air conditioning :


Водные игрушки

Tender(s) :

2 x Yamaha VX Cruiser Waverunners 110hp 3-seater personal water craft.

Tender(s) :

Yamaha Superjet 1-person stand-up personal watercraft. Designed for racing and freestyle riding.

Seadoo RXP :

2-seater high-power personal watercraft. Perfect for use with the “Flyboard”.

Xtender :


Super Air Nautique G23 :



Lauren L has a variety of tenders and toys that make it a leader in the charter yacht industry. The selection of modern tenders provide both comfort and style, as well as versatility, functionality and the ability to explore areas that other yacht tenders can’t reach.

The variety of toys onboard this yacht is more than enough to keep all 40 of her guests well entertained for the duration of their stay. Lauren L can offer a full spectrum of activities from extreme action to extreme relaxation.

With her experienced crew Lauren L can provide instruction and assistance, as well as imaginative ideas, ensuring fun and safety for everyone.

Seabob F7 — Lauren L has 3 of these jet- propelled craft. They are great fun to cruise on the surface or explore the underwater world. It is possible to use them with scuba diving equipment.

Jet Surf Ultra Sport — This is a very versatile 1-man jet- propelled surfboard. It can be used for speed on smooth water, jumping wake or riding waves.

Kayaks — Lauren L has 8 kayaks in a variety of styles. 1-man closed kayaks, 1 man open kayaks and 2-man open kayaks, all with double-ended paddles.

SUP — There are four stand-up paddleboards with adjustable paddles onboard. This is a great way to explore the local area in peace and quiet, or to improve your core strength and stay fit.

Flyboard — The Flyboard is powered by a personal watercraft and allows the user to fly up to 14m above the water, perform tricks and swim through the water with the style and grace of a dolphin.

Surf Boards — body boards and skim boards A variety of boards are available for beginners to experienced surfers.

Kite Surfing Equipment — Onboard there is a variety of kites, boards and harnesses to cover all abilities and wind conditions.

Inflatable Slide — Lauren L has a 6m high inflatable water slide that extends from deck 4. Great fun for children and adults alike.

Wakeboards/Wake surf/Water skis/Kneeboards — A variety of wakeboards on Lauren L cover all levels of ability.

Foil Board — This towable “surfboard” with a built-in hydrofoil lifts the rider out of the water giving an ultra-smooth ride and a sense of gliding over the water.

Air Chair — A towable “chair” with a hydrofoil that lifts the rider out of the water. It is possible to perform amazing tricks with this equipment.

Inflatables — There is something for everyone in Lauren L’s collection of inflatable toys. Some are designed for an exhilarating ride while others cater for a more relaxing experience on the water. There is a trampoline for children that can be positioned at the beach upon request.

Diving Equipment — Lauren L has fully serviced Scubapro dive equipment in all sizes. There is an onboard dive compressor and plenty of tanks allowing guests to dive in different ability groups or in different locations at the same time.

Snorkeling Equipment — A variety of masks, snorkels and fins are available to explore the local area. Excursions by tender can be arranged.

Fishing Equipment — Various rods are available for sport fishing and bottom fishing. The tender “Scout” is set-up for sport fishing.

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